We are chandlers of pure honey, fragrances, dates as well as some health and beauty products. Our products are further categorised as follows;


  • Sidr Honey
  • Mutliflower Honey
  • Saffron Honey
  • Kalwanji Honey



Health and Beauty Products

We deal all over Pakistan and also in some states of America. We have been serving laymen with pure honey for the last 20 years. One exciting thing about us is that we deal in retail as well as in stock.

Our motive is to provide you with this finest creation in its pure form. The most crucial principle we follow is that we never compromise on quality so purity is guaranteed.

If you are looking for some opportunity to start your own business we are here to help you just hit us a message we’ll be there.


Ch Abrar Ahmad

Our qualities


We provide you with the best and purest Honey around the country which is tested in the labs and has got the approval from the experts for its authenticity.

The same is the case with our other products such as Dates and other health products which comes in their real form and are available on our website with a guarantee of their purity.

Our website sells the most real and nature-mixed flavours of fragrance perfumes which can give the user a long-lasting effect of such mesmerizing fragrances.

Last but not least we provide desi in its best form at a very reasonable price so that even a layman can have a healthy lifestyle.


Economical than others

The products which are available on our website are much cheaper with better quality than the ones available in markets and they are without the guarantee of their authenticity.

We provide some special discount offers to our regular customers as well. You will find all of our online products selling at a cheaper rate so that anyone would be able to afford these products and get the opportunity to take the advantage of using the products in their real and genuine form.

Easily Accessible

In many cases, While doing online shopping, people get stuck on the websites because of certain terms and conditions from the website and it makes people difficult to order something without getting into trouble. So we assure you on the behalf of Alqudrat that our website does not use any kind of cookies.

You can simply search www.alqudrat.com on google and it will immediately give you access to our website. From there, people can easily order our products by going through a simple cyclic process and our company will get to its customer on time.

Easy Payment Method

Right now the payment method we are using is “Cash on Delivery” which is customer friendly. We have chosen this payment method as it gives the customer a sense of authenticity and reliability. Having a sense of reliability people trust us for their purchasing.

Easy Interface

The interface of our website is very much easy and understandable so that even a common man who is weak in computer accessories can use this website easily.

The first page, the “Home” page, introduces the products we are dealing with. The second-page “Products” represents the products and from here customers can add products to their cart. The third page is the “Blog” where you check out our interesting blogs on health. Next is the “About Us” page. After that “Health and Beauty” provides you with different daily life tips and the last one is “Contact” which gives the contact details.