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Honey is discovered 2000 years ago. Honey is a food substance made by bees which is viscous in its appearance and sweet in taste. Bees produce honey by floral nectar of plants. Floral source classifies honey as poly floral or mono-floral honey. Poly-floral honey is derived from the nectar of different types of flowers while mono-floral is derived from the nectar of only one type of flowers.
Alqudrat honey serves you both type of honey. Our multi-flower honey is poly-floral honey while Sidr honey is mono-floral. Alqudrat honey is served in its raw form undergone through a process of straining just to remove particulate material. Purity is guaranteed as we never compromise on quality.
Aside from being a good alternative for sugar, there are a lot of other benefits of Alqudrat honey.
One of the most known benefits of Alqudrat honey is its innate ability to sweeten foods and beverages even in very small amounts. It has a very unique taste that provides a different kind of stimulation in our taste buds. Its unique taste is also the reason for its involvement in many delectable recipes. Alqudrat honey is a very versatile product.
It is used to treat colds and coughs; it acts as a dressing for wounds like cuts and abrasions. Honey props up tissue growth and averts scarring because it keeps the skin hydrated.
Alqudrat Honey is also a good source of antioxidants which can help fight diseases and even cancer. Its natural antioxidant properties help eliminate some chemical agents that destroy the health cells of the body. Antioxidants also remove free radicals in the body which can further cause diseases and cancer.
Apart from all these qualities, Alqudrat honey deals in retail as well as in stock.